Transtec Facebook Contest

ENTER TO WIN - Delivering Contest Codes Through Facebook

Client: Transtec Corteco

Market: Regional U.S.


For their 35th anniversary, Transtec sponsored a contest by sending mailers with unique entry codes to their customer base. They also needed a online system to distribute entry codes to new individuals in order to expand the reach to new customers.


Using Smart Deals, CoupSmart was able to distribute these unique entry codes to potential consumers while expanding the amount of people who liked Transtec on Facebook. Because for their concerns about fraudulent use of online codes, Smart Deals worked for them the best because it ties one code to a specific Facebook user, blocking anyone from amassing entry code and gaining an unfair advantage in the contest.


  • Transtec Corteco fan count grew 569% within 40 days
  • They gained information about the age, gender, and interests of all of their new fans