Halo Top Creamery

I Scream, You Scream for FREE Ice-Cream

Client: Halo Top Creamery

Market: United States


Halo Top Creamery, maker of decadent and healthy ice cream (for less than 300 calories per pint), wanted to gain more trial and customer loyalty.  CoupSmart was challenged with helping Halo Top with increasing sales, growing their Facebook fan base and collecting data that would assist with getting the word out about their light ice-cream that's all-natural and tasty!


CoupSmart and Halo Top Creamery worked together to create a Mobile Offer ONLY campaign that was sent out to two target audiences.  Smart Links for the campaign were sent to new fans in a controlled fashion, offering four free pints of ice-cream (a HUGE deal). This allowed those who had never tried Halo Top to try the creameries flavors and finding out for themselves that this was a product they wanted to grab next time they were looking for a sweet treat.  Smart Links for the campaign were also sent to current fans for free pints of ice-cream, as well.  This was a reward to show Halo Top's appreciation for their customer's loyalty.  CoupSmart also became a "one stop shop" that not only provided a platform for Halo Top's offers to consumers, but also handled all of their clearinghouse services.


  • Halo Top received over 1,500 views for their offers in 10 months time.
  • Over 50% of their views resulting in coupon claims, making this campaign a tremendous success!
  • The campaign resulted in over 50,000 new Facebook fans.