FREE Melt Chocolate Spread

Client: Melt Organic
Market: Regional U.S.

Following up on their last, very successful, free campaign Melt wanted to push product trial for their newest and truly unique spread, Chocolate Melt© Organic. The most challenging aspect of this campaign is that the stores that stock the chocolate spread are limited.

Melt looked towards their Facebook Fans in a campaign to have them tell their stores to carry this new product (since the product had not been picked up by many stores,). The coupon for a FREE container of Chocolate Melt© Organic had an extended expiration date lasting a full year, and in the normally unused space of the coupon, included a form that Fans could give to their favorite stores to request Chocolate Melt© Organic to be stocked.


  • All 5,000 coupons for Chocolate Melt© Organic were claimed within 8 hours.
  • An increase in 11,641 Fans.