Stride Rite

If The Shoe Fits, Share IT!

Client: Stride Rite

Market: Continental U.S.


Over the course of several years in the social space, Stride Rite amassed a sizable fan base for their children’s shoes on their Facebook page. The brand sought a way to drive purchases from these fans while leveraging their passion to add new fans with a high propensity to buy.


Stride Rite implemented CoupSmart’s Smart Deals app on their Facebook page to deliver a set of exclusive offers to their fans over a 60 day period. Through a mix of promoted page posts and Facebook ads, Stride Rite reached out to current fans and added new ones, giving consumers a reason to "Like" and engage with their page. Additionally, using Smart Deals as the delivery method enabled the shoe brand to build a database full of detailed customer insights which they could draw from for repeat purchases and long-term social advocacy.


  • Stride Rite’s first Smart Deal ran for a month and generated the highest print rate they had seen to date - 13.8%.
  • After analyzing collected fan data and other learnings, the second Smart Deal ran the following month, and saw a print rate of 29.8% - a 160% increase!
  • Stride Rite’s Facebook page received 3,940 new likes in March with a PTAT of 1,977. Those numbers jumped to 15,349 and 10,051, respectively.
  • Smart Deals acted as a lead-in for the brand's new rewards program, which boasted 1 million registered users in its first 6 months