Dingo Pet Treats

A Treat for You and Your Pet

Client: United Pet Group
Market: Regional U.S.

United Pet Group’s goal is to bring real solutions to pet owners and to make pets happy.  They came to CoupSmart looking to grow their Dingo brand and its social presence, providing offers that would leave any dog owner (and their pet) with a smile!

We helped them grow the eCommerce side of the business by creating a unique code promo for Fans, offering $20 OFF any online purchase of $50 or more.  Fans were required to share with friends before they could claim this deal.  CoupSmart acquired data for each claim and using our email platform, Dingo was able reach out to those who claimed their offer, sending redemption reminders to each one.


  • Dingo’s social presence grew, with an increase in 1,680 Fans during this campaign.
  • Data was acquired for approximately 400 individuals, allowing Dingo to follow-up with each Fan directly.