Spare Time

Client: Spare Time Fun Center

Market: Temple, Texas



Spare Time Fun Center is a locally owned, state-of-the-art entertainment venue that uses Silverpop as their email marketing platform.  They came to CoupSmart looking to acquire new customers and increase visits by existing customers through providing family friendly promotions and grow their email list with high quality data. 


Over the course of a 12 month program, CoupSmart ran multiple campaigns for new and existing customers across mobile and social channels. Our platform captured a variety of data points on each consumer who interacted with the campaign, including opted-in email addresses, and automatically merged this into Spare Time’s email database through our integration with Silverpop.  Spare Time was able immediately reach out to their newly expanded email list and included this group of consumers in their regular email campaigns.


Overall, Spare Time achieved high conversion rates for their offers and the emails and other consumer-level data they acquired was of significantly higher quality than their existing database.

  • On average, Spare Time's campaigns with CoupSmart had a 28%+ view to claim rate and a redemption rate of 40% .
  • Over 1,000 unique consumers claimed at least one offer – all for a single retail location.
  • In the 5 months after the program, consumers who were added to Spare Time’s email list via CoupSmart were 2x more likely to open emails than the existing email list.
  • Consumers added to Spare Time’s email list via CoupSmart were also more than 3x as likely to click on a link in emails than the existing email list.
  • Opt out/unsubscribe rates between Spare Time’s existing email list and the CoupSmart list were about the same, 0.2% and 0.4% respectively.