The Power of FREE

Client: Melt Organic

Market: Regional U.S.


Melt Organic launched in 2009 with a line of butter alternatives made from fruit and plant-based organic oils. As their brand continued to “spread” to different stores across the country, Melt wanted to use social media to their advantage to incentivize product trial and build a fan base that would advocate for their healthy options.


Melt added the Smart Deals app to their Facebook Timeline and offered fans, old and new, something they couldn’t turn down - 1 FREE product after sharing! CoupSmart powered the giveaway, tracking coupon activity, and gleaning customer/fan insights unavailable elsewhere. Melt followed up the free coupon with additional Smart Deals, continuing to engage with their fans as a whole, reaching out to new ones, and building a valuable database of information to inform their overall marketing strategy.


  • Campaign one offered fans a FREE personalized coupon when they shared with friends. The app closed automatically once the allotted amount were claimed. In less than a day the brand grew their fan base by 16%!
  • Campaign two delivered 50% off the same product. Performance here was much lower, attracting few new fans and a claim rate of 1%.
  • For campaign three, FREE returned to a warm reception of 18% fan growth, and all coupons claimed in 2 days
  • Removing switching costs brought trial of something unfamiliar. Now, the ability to educate will lead to advocacy.
  • Melt is now building fan loyalty through targeted rewards and great social content centered around the spread’s versatility as part of a healthy lifestyle.