Natural Light - Act Natural Tour

Act Natural Tour VIP Pass

Client: Natural Light

Market: Eastern U.S.


Natural Light was sending a marketing team with their mobile party trailer to on a multi-city "tour". Hosting this get-together, they aimed to expand their audience in the coveted 21 to 26 year old demographic. Wanting a way to drive viral sharing, Natural Light craved a way for their Facebook Fans to promote these events for them to their friends and gain extra exposure.


Working with Pandora Radio advertising, CoupSmart was brought in to focus on creating an online marketing campaign to help feed the young to this brand. Within a 36-hour window, we delivered an online program that requires Natural Light's Facebook Fans to share this event with their friends in order to print an exclusive VIP ticket to gain entry to the tour stops.

Natural Light’s CoupSmart campaign generated 80,000 new Fans and the Act Natural Tour’s attendance skyrocketed, resulting in the highest number of pass holders than any prior tour.