Klosterman Baking Company

SAVE 50 cents On Any Pink Ribbon Loaf

Client: Klosterman Baking Company
Market: Regional (Midwest)

Klosterman Baking Company, a family-owned bakery headquartered in Cincinnati, raises money and contributes to the Pink Ribbon Girls each year,  The Pink Ribbon Girls is an outreach mission aiming to provide breast cancer awareness to young women. In attempt to raise money and awareness for this cause, Klosterman worked with CoupSmart to increase their reach through the Facebook channel.

Klosterman teamed up with the organization Pink Ribbon Girls and offered coupons for their product on the Facebook Pages for both of them. With every purchase of a Pink Ribbon Loaf, Klosterman made a donation to Pink Ribbon Girls for their cause.

This campaign had a 41% view to claim ratio and a 61% Fan growth rate.